You are the ceo of valu added industries inc vai your firm

Chris Parry Chris Parry, Stockhouse. These rankings are not in order of how big a company is, nor in order of how heavily their share price is jumping, nor even how big they might get somewhere down the line. Also because the OTC weedco space is a big pumpy dumpy mess.

You are the ceo of valu added industries inc vai your firm

Researchers sometimes rec- ognize that they have stumbled on a promising resource or technology without knowing the best uses for it right away. Med- ical scientist Hira Thapliyal, who codiscovered this process, founded a company to offer it for cardiac sur- gery, but that market turned out to be too small and competitive to sup- port a new venture.

Undeterred, he looked for other potential uses, and found one in orthopedics, where there are more than 2 million ar- throscopic surgeries per year.

Some- times people chance upon an attrac- tive business model that has failed to gain the widespread adoption it de- serves. Two archetypal retail food stories illustrate this. Incoffee machine manufacturing ex- ecutive Howard Schultz visited a coffee bean producer called Star- bucks in Seattle. Customers have adapted our product or service to new uses but not with our support.

Chinese appli- ance maker Haier Group discovered that customers in one rural province used its clothes washing machines to clean vegetables. Hearing this, a product manager spotted an oppor- tunity. When Honda Motor Company entered the U. De- spite a concerted effort, the compa- ny managed to sell fewer than 60 of its large bikes each month, far short of its monthly sales goal of 1, units.

Then a mechanical failure forced the company to recall these models. In desperation, it promoted its smaller 50cc motorbike, the Cub, which Honda executives had as- sumed would not interest the U.

When the smaller bikes sold well, Honda realized it had discov- ered an untapped segment looking for two-wheel motorized transporta- tion.

Customers have discovered a product but not the one we offered. He learned about the nutrient from some of his patients, who took it for joint pain instead of the ibu- profen he had prescribed. Many doctors might have ignored this or even scolded their patients for fall- ing prey to fads, but Stone recog- nized he might be missing some- thing.

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He looked up the clinical research on glucosamine in Europe, where it was the leading nutritional supplement. Veterinarians, he dis- covered, swore by it, and their patients fell for neither fads nor placebos. Then he built a business around it. This product or service is thriving elsewhere but no one offers it here.

In the early s, a Swed- ish business student named Carl Au- gust Svensen-Ameln tried to store some of his belongings in Sweden while at school in Seattle, but found that all the local self-storage facilities were full. He studied the storage in- dustry, already prevalent in the United States, and discovered a business model characterized by high rents, low turnover, and negli- gible operating costs.

You are the ceo of valu added industries inc vai your firm

Yet self-stor- age, at the time, was virtually non- existent in continental Europe. Svensen-Ameln and a friend from business school set up a partnership with an established U.

The resulting company, European Mini- Storage S. Established competitors are often surprised when upstart rivals c.disclosed specific, quantifiable performance objectives for our CEO. Our CEO's annual incentives did not rise or fall in line with annual financial performance. Returning to the core topic of this proposal from the context of our clearly improvable corporate governance, .

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