Unpopular vegan essays

Yet somehow, most of the same people who subscribe to this belief are willing to turn a blind eye to such harm when they themselves receive some kind of advantage from it — whether the benefits are in the form of food, possessions, vanity, or amusement. And yet, each one of the awful practices that animal advocates protest passionately against — intensive confinement, enforced insemination, separation of mother and child, castration, de-horning, tail docking, de-beaking, mulesing, de-toeing, live scalding, force molting — all of these horrific procedures, and many more, exist because an ever-growing number of human consumers continue to create demand for animal products. To an industry that views sentient beings as economic units — money-making machines — it is unavoidable that such violence will be viewed as an acceptable means to the end of delivering products that turn a profit.

Unpopular vegan essays

Dan Cudahy 13 March Dan opposes animal exploitation and rejects the notion that welfare reforms can ever provide any justice or meaningful protection to sentient nonhuman beings. Dan promotes healthy and enjoyable Unpopular vegan essays living as an imperative to respect the lives and the most basic moral rights of nonhuman individuals who are every bit as interested in their lives as we are in ours.

It is only through dogmatic cultural prejudice and blind tradition and habit that we fail to acknowledge these basic moral rights. We can also overcome our prejudice regarding the view of nonhumans as commodities for us to exploit and kill.

As a society, it will take a while to eliminate the prejudice, but as individuals, we can choose a paradigm shift and change immediately by going and staying vegan.

As a practicing accountant, Dan volunteers his time and accounting skills to animal rights related non profit organizations. Thank you and welcome, Dan!

I was hoping you may be able to offer some information and advice to other people thinking about setting Unpopular vegan essays their own blog site. How to go about starting out etc.

Do you think podcasting is a good form of communication? I think it is best to start with a purpose.

Dan Cudahy

When I started the blog, my purpose was to provide a resource for both myself and others when discussing animal-related issues. A strong purpose will keep you interested and keep your blog more interesting. If you want to reach more people, involvement in social networking sites is important… I also learned to shorten my posts.

Again, keeping them shorter will gain more listeners. Besides your most excellent blog, what other kinds of activism do you do? What do you feel are the 3 most effective and important forms of activism a person can do?

These days most of my advocacy is online on various forums where I explain to non-vegans what speciesism is, why it is wrong, and how to go vegan.

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I used to table at festivals in Denver and Boulder. There are two main reasons I stopped.

Unpopular vegan essays

Second, I think on-line advocacy can be more cost effective if done right in the right venues popular, non-vegan venues. In daily life offline, I look for opportunities to engage people in discussion.

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New welfarism does not and cannot work for animals for precisely the same reason it did not and could not work for human slaves in the 19th century.

Animals and chattel slaves are commodity units without basic rights. Different legal treatments exist among species because there are different human uses for each species. We must shift from the property, commodity, and use paradigm to a vegan, animals-as-persons, non-exploitive paradigm.

Otherwise, we will continue to exploit and kill more animals in more cruel ways than ever before…. In an ideal scenario the whole world would be vegan. But what about the people who live in the Arctic, Iceland and other extremely cold places, where —they say— alternatives to fur, would let them freeze to death.

Do people in the Artic have a moral get out of jail free card? People are everywhere, even where, in my opinion they should not be at all! Could we just leave some pristine places untouched by our footsteps?

Many alpinists prefer synthetic insulation over feathers in extreme high altitude conditions some of the coldest on Earth because feathers, like cotton, are worse than useless if they get wet.

Again, fur and feathers are completely unnecessary. Vegan food can be shipped to the Arctic and stored as easily, or more so, than animal products things freeze well there. In short, I see no reason why someone could not be a vegan in extreme climates in the 21st century.

Finally, I agree that there really should be a good reason for living in an extreme climate, even if you are living as a vegan. Dan, I have a very serious question to ask, How does a new welfarist change a light bulb?

Haha A new welfarist tries in vain to fix the light bulb instead of changing it. When we say that it should be changed, they get angry and sad and call us divisive. The question of where to draw the line on sentience, particularly its degree, is a difficult and lengthy topic to cover, and I will not address it in this essay.Having one fewer child is the most effective way an individual would have to fight climate change.

The next best actions are selling your car, avoiding long flights, and eating a vegetarian diet, according to a study published in Environmental Research Letters.

Why Ex-Vegans Eat More Meat Than They Must Dan Cudahy of “Unpopular Vegan Essays” – a popular essay blog amongst the abolitionist-leaning “logical vegan” crowd – has written a generally ignored and ostracized essay addressing the excitement over “ A Vegan No More ”.

Unpopular Vegan Essays (UVE) Archives; Veganism is Nonviolence; International Vegan Association – Respecting Animals pamphlet [I encourage all readers to click the blue links embedded in this essay and explore the information on those sites.

Before I began living vegan. Mar 13,  · Vegan food can be shipped to the Arctic and stored as easily, or more so, than animal products (things freeze well there). In short, I see no reason why someone could not be a vegan in extreme climates in the 21 st century.

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Unpopular vegan essays

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