The difficulty in raising a child with autism

Clin Child Fam Psychol Rev. Parent and family impact of autism spectrum disorders:

The difficulty in raising a child with autism

The difficulty in raising a child with autism

Email Children with autism spectrum disorder often struggle to communicate their needs, a problem that can result in frequent angry outbursts and persistent behavioral problems. Parents of autistic children are sometimes ill-equipped to handle the extra challenges and can feel overwhelmed by their children's special needs.

The good news is that with the right support and training, parents can develop the skills to properly care for their autistic child when behavior and communication are at their worst.

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A new study, published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Associationfinds children with autism showed marked improvement in behavior after their parents underwent a week structured training program created to help manage disruptive and aggressive behavior.

Even more, the benefits of the training program endured for at least six months after the intervention. Sometimes children with autism have behavioral problems because they don't have the communication skills to say what they want.

The difficulty in raising a child with autism

To date, it is the largest randomized trial of any behavioral intervention ever conducted on children with autism. For the study, researchers at Emory University divided the group in two.

Half of the parents went through a week training program that covered strategies for managing behavioral problems common for autistic children.

Autism Resource Center Aggression in Autism Spectrum Disorder:

Parents were given specific training in how to respond when children acted out with tantrums, aggression, self-injury and noncompliance. The training emphasized giving positive reinforcement when children behaved appropriately, and withholding reinforcement for inappropriate behavior.

Parent training included 11 core treatment sessions, two optional sessions, two telephone boosters and two home visits.

The other group only received educational information about autism, which included 12 core sessions and one home visit.

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The researchers found that after 24 weeks, parents who received training reported that their kids showed a 48 percent improvement in behavior. Parents in the education-only group reported a 32 percent decline in their children's behavior.

At the completion of both programs, 70 percent of children in the parent-training group showed a positive response, compared to 40 percent for those in the parent-education group.

This data was based on assessments of children conducted by the clinicians.Jul 10,  · How Businesses Are Welcoming Children With Autism By Locke Hughes Update (July 10, ) -- Sesame Place in Pennsylvania is the world’s first .

A Case Study On Autism: School Accommodations And Inclusive Settings. by Coffey, Kenneth M, Obringer, S John. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with a mother and father raising their two children with autism. Autism Apps is a comprehensive list of apps being used by people with Autism and other special needs.

The apps are separated into over 30 categories, are easily searchable, and include reviews by . Marriage Difficulties and Raising Children on the Autism Spectrum "Is it common for parents of children with autism (high functioning) to have difficulty in their own relationships? My husband and I differ greatly on how to parent our 5-year-old son, and this is causing problems in our marriage.

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Having a child with High-Functioning Autism. "The truth is that it's incredibly tough to have a child with a special need such as ADHD or autism. In many cases, it's a 24/7 job and to have to suffer the prejudices of others on top of that is.

Autism is a disorder in the development of a persons’ social and communication skills. While that is a basic answer, it gives you an idea of the areas of life that ASD can affect. The range of severity will vary and how that manifest in each individual will be drastically different.

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