Overwriting a method in java

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Overwriting a method in java

Originally posted by Bo Gambles: Ken, any chance of you explaining a little deeper with the explaination I used. Perhaps you want more detail as to the issues I have with your explanations? Overloading in Java stands for the overloading of a method. This feature of Java allows the programmers to have a class es call on the same named method multiple times, but have different outcomes in the same class es.

This is totally wrong. Overloading happens when a class declares well, technically it can inherit one and declare one but this is besides the point two methods with the same name and different signatures. So in order for two methods to have the same name but different signatures they must obviously have different argument types.

One has a single argument of type String, the other has a single argument of type int. Thus the argument types are not the same and so the method signatures are different. For argument types to be the same they must have the same number of arguments of the same type in the same order.

The class which contains a method of, say, myMethod String firstName, String secondName can contain an element of coding which is unique to that method. The structure of the method is known as the signature.

When using the overloading technique, the programmer need not keep the signature parameter types and number of parameters the same. The last sentence seems appropriate, but the example you give has nothing to do with overloading and the rest of the paragraph is nonsensical.

If programmers chose to inherit methods to their new class from a base class but wants to by pass or re-define a method contained in the base class it is inheriting from, a technique called overriding must be initiated.

If for instance, if a programmer created a ASeen class, but wanted to inherit from another class called BSeen and control a method in it, then the derived class will require the method to be overridden, ergo, controlling the behaviour of the definition of the method has been made First of all, you cannot "inherit" a method that is "overridden".

By definition a method that has been overridden is not inherited.Only the x++ statement is executed if the condition is true, but the indentation leads you to believe otherwise.

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As of Java 5, you can return a derived type of what the base class method returned. Before Java 5, it must be the identical type. That is, you cannot do the below until Java 5 and later: Overriding, which is what I think you mean by "overwriting" is the act of providing a different implementation of a method inherited from a base type, and.

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overwriting a method in java

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