How significant a role do multinational

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How significant a role do multinational

Where is the aircraft? When will it arrive?

How significant a role do multinational

At one time or another, everyone asks these questions. Above the fray, however, a wealth of real-time information crisscrosses the skies at mach speed.

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They have visibility and communication. Shippers and consignees often have similar questions and shared challenges trying to uncover answers deep within complex global networks.

See sidebar, left, for an explanation of the differences in provider types. The more they see, the better businesses can cope with exceptions, identify redundancies, create synergies, and communicate details to logistics operations on the ground.

In theory, not much has changed during the past 15 years. In practice, however, the idea of creating multi-tiered supply chain networks administered by one point of control is picking up pace.

As best-of-breed outsourcing— in terms of transportation and logistics function, vertical specialization, technology sophistication, and geographic coverage— continues to grow and add layers of complexity to the extended value chain, visibility and accountability need to be centralized in a common nexus.

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They are sophisticated and Socratic, yet oddly plebeian as logistics service providers go. Fourth-party logistics is an elite outsourcing capability that is shared by many a common 3PL.

Outsourcing in general provides shippers with the means to gain better control of transportation and logistics operations and costs. As 3PLs seek to grow their value proposition, they are investing in technologies, services, and new locations to help take customers beyond tactical optimization to strategic business process improvement.

They are taking the lead by chasing demand. What makes the 4PL model so fluid is that the idea is in constant flux. Shippers want customized outsourcing solutions that float between non-asset-based objectivity and tactical execution.

Demand is engineering how 3PLs, 4PLs, and LLPs continue to evolve in an overlapping triple-helix process of convergence and separation. Distilling the Fourth Element A number of factors inside and outside the enterprise make 4PL-managed networks effective.

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At the root, businesses want more authority over operational costs. Using a supply chain management strategy that targets silo optimization, without sacrificing end-to-end visibility and control, presents an obvious advantage.

As a recent example, the recession presented ripe conditions for businesses to consider hierarchical outsourcing strategies capable of flexing with, and absorbing, market volatility.

How significant a role do multinational

More specifically, companies needed a widespread agent that could effect positive change across the supply chain. A global 4PL or lead logistics provider allows companies to react faster to trade swings— and more quickly and efficiently than relying on a disparate band of service providers that are optimizing logistics functions in situ.

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If this distillation sounds over-simplified, consider how the 4PL concept evolved. In , Accenture (then Andersen Consulting) divined the idea after consolidating, then managing, a multinational company’s freight forwarder base.

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