H2 history model essays for students

The time frame of this essay is from to Cold War is defined as a state of high degree of tension hostility between the two major superpowers, US and USSR, with no direct confrontation and an indirect war without the use of arms. Furthermore, both sides believed that they held the key to the future happiness of the human race.

H2 history model essays for students

Your point is also known as the argumentative statement. Many students face additional time constraints because they regurgitate a whole chunk of content in their elaboration segments. What makes things worse is that much of that content is totally irrelevant to the question! Compare the following paragraphs, see which one flows better and stands out.

The Cold War hindered the decolonization process further by undermining the sovereignty of independent states. This led to a three-way civil war and years of instability though military engagements and bombings.

It also carried out covert bombing raids on Cambodian territory under Operation Menu which aimed to prevent North Vietnamese forces from operating in the country. Concise Paragraph Although Cambodia and Laos had gained independence incommunist activity in neighbouring Vietnam resulted in US intervention in Indochina in attempts to remove the communist threat.

The US intervened and broke down the Lao coalition government in in order to establish a strong anti-communist government and prevent the communist Pathet Lao from taking power. This led to a three-way civil war and years of instability.

Similarly in Cambodia, US forces invaded Cambodia in to destroy Vietcong camps suspected to be there. It also carried out bombing raids on Cambodian territory.

See how the concise paragraph is not only relevant, but also time-saving as well? This is why you must know exactly what content you are to use to best answer the question! This requires practice of course. Although you know that your content is relevant, the markers You gotta tell them how your content works for the question.

Collaboration yielded the greatest success when the nationalists were engaging a less repressive colonial power. Similarly in Burma, the British were more open towards giving power to the Burmese, but not to the extent like that of the Americans in giving independence.

The British granted self-government to Burma in and held elections to elect a Burmese-run government. Burmese politicians like Ba Maw who chose to join this government, effectively collaborating with the British, were thus able to gain political experience in governance, better preparing them for an independent Burma.

This again needs practice. This is what I call Tying Up Loose Ends, not leaving your work hanging after the elaboration-explanation portion.

Hence it can be seen that nationalists who collaborated with the colonial government did achieve success in progress towards independence and garnering support, although this was only possible with a permissive colonial power.

Nationalist movements were aided through the freeing of their leaders from imprisonment, allowing them to gather support, furthermore granting them administrative experience. This was the case in Indonesia where Sukarno was freed from Dutch captivity and put in charge of Putera, a mass organisation which he used to spread ideas of Indonesian independence under Japanese aegis, further entrenching his support and increasing his administrative experience.

This experience and support was used by Sukarno to rally the people under him during the fight against the Dutch after WWII. Nationalist movements were empowered further through military training. The Japanese set up the PETA army in Indonesia in order to build up additional local reinforcements to counter a possible Allied invasion.

This provided Indonesians with the means to resist the colonial return at the end of the war as PETA soldiers formed the core of the Indonesian Republican Army that successfully resisted the Dutch during the Indonesian Revolution.

This shows that the Japanese Occupation had the impact of empowering nationalists, something never seen under colonial rule, thus preparing them for eventual independence. Nuance Despite the empowering impact that the Japanese Occupation had on nationalist movements, it did not immediately mean that independence was inevitable.

The nationalists in those parts of Southeast Asia still had to fight long and hard to attain independence. This shows that the benefits of the Japanese Occupation only meant that the nationalists were better able to resist the colonial powers, not that independence was guaranteed.

Do not attempt to do a nuance for every point you write, not only is it excessive and time consuming, but also that not all points have nuances.

h2 history model essays for students

Now we gotta tackle the against points duh. Paragraphs and contents must be concise, with the most relevant content available to serve as opposing points. Nuances in this case point back to your for points to create a balance in your arguments.

In Singapore, with the British introducing some democratic practices like a legislative assembly that allowed for local participation, there was some democratic traditions to begin with. Thus even before independence, free elections were held in and that elected David Marshall and Lee Kuan Yew to power respectively.

Nuance Yet it should be noted that the democracies established were not always full liberal democracies as espoused by the Western powers.Database of example History essays - these essays are examples of the work produced by our professional essay writers.

h2 history model essays for students

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H2 HISTORY () 3 The A Level History curriculum seeks to develop historical understanding (core) through the study of local, regional and global developments which .

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