Facts about ogboni

The spirit that talk from Ileedi The one with umbrella under wish people seek solace The death on earth Ajibola the Divinity who chew the bone of the wicked Laani, the Divinity who chew the bone of the liar Pooye, one who suck the blood of the betrayer The one whom we beat Agba drum for. One who has children who is as plenty as land.

Facts about ogboni

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A similar group in Igbo -speaking areas is called Nze na Ozo. The society performs a range of Facts about ogboni and religious functions, including exercising a profound influence on monarchs and serving as high courts of jurisprudence in capital offenses.

Its members are generally considered to constitute the nobility of the various Yoruba kingdoms of West Africa. The Iwarefa[ edit ] Each Ogboni lodge is led by a group of six principal officers that are collectively known as the Iwarefa lit. These individuals are the most powerful figures in the polity that the lodge serves and are the inner council of advisors to its king or viceroyal chieftain.

In contemporary YorubalandOgboni members still command great power and influence in the affairs of their societies, although this is largely due to the history of their respective chieftaincies and not to any official authority.

The most recognizable of these symbols was a pair of Ogboni initiates, one male and one female, attached by a chain and worn around the neck. The pair are thought to symbolize the attachment of the sexes in procreation and balanced society. Generally, one or both figures will hold a thumb in the grip of the opposite hand, demonstrating the paramount Ogboni handsign denoting initiation and membership.

Legacy[ edit ] A number of fraternities in Nigeria have incorporated references and insignia from the original Ogboni, including the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity, the Indigenous Ogboni, and various others.

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Initiatory secret societies are a common feature of pre-colonial government across much of West and Central Africa.Ogboni (also known as Osugbo in Ijèbú) is a fraternal institution indigenous to the Yoruba language-speaking polities of Nigeria, Republic of Bénin and Togo.

Dear All, here is my point facts based on my knowledge, experience and exposures on affairs relating to these fraternities: (1) Ogboni Fraternity is an African Traditional Religion (ATR) with many factions just like Christianity with different types. In this article babalawo Obanifa will explain in detail original facts about orisha Edan, How the followers of orisa Edan popularly know as Ogboni or Osugbo first come into existence.

Ogboni fraternity is an indigenous fraternal institution of the Yoruba language-speaking polities. They are spread in Togo, Republic of. Ogboni (also known as Osugbo in Ijèbú) is a fraternal institution indigenous to the Yoruba language-speaking polities of Nigeria, Republic of Bénin and Togo.

Facts about ogboni

Ogboni rituals are similar to Yoruba rituals provided in the modern society. Nevertheless, there is not enough information about the precise nature of the rituals.

First of all, the organization hides its secrets very efficient. What is known is that their rituals include some sort of .

BABALAWO OBANIFA: Facts About Orisa Edan and Ogboni /Osugbo cult.