Critical thinking powerpoint

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Critical thinking powerpoint

What is the Rule of Thirds?

And why do doctors latch on to non-science-based medicine? That can be a long story, but consider the case of antidepressants again. Yet, Western doctors prescribe them all the time.

Critical thinking powerpoint

Slide19 Scientific Fraud The answer is more-or-less: There are lots of ways to cheat in science. If you want your study to show that antidepressants do better than placebos, you can not double blind your studies, or use improper randomization techniques this Critical thinking powerpoint obvious to real scientists, though.

Critical thinking powerpoint

Slide20 Only correct the baseline when it suits you. Remove outliers when it suits you. Choose a statistical test that gets the best results.

Find your hypothesis in the data. Publish only positive findings. Slide22 The Baseline Scientists often test much smaller groups, and then aggregate put together all the data later. When you have a small group of people— for example 20 or 30, there is a high probability that by random chance either the control group or the experimental group will be doing better.

The average pain score in the control group was 65 when the experiment started, and 52 for the experimental group. Nobody improved, so it was also 65 and 52 at the end.

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But if you report just the end scores, it looks like your treatment worked: The people experiencing the worst of these side-effects might drop out of the trial. If you collect data only on people who finished the trial, it will seem like your treatment has fewer side-effects than it actually does.

For example, in a trial for a pain medication, you might have some people get a little better, some people get a little worse, and one person who dies. Dying is an outlier, in this situation. Slide30 Controlling for Outliers Outliers are often due to just random chance.

Through no fault of your treatment, sometimes people die. You can also choose to leave all your data intact. Slide31 Controlling for Outliers Nothing is wrong with removing outliers— except when you do it only when it suits you.

I might find that everyone born in March either likes playing chess or has an even numbered shoe size.

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Slide35 Use New Data! So in science we require that hypotheses be tested by new data.Here is the best resource for homework help with PHL Critical Thinking at Columbia Southern University.

Find PHL study guides, notes, and practice. They can be critical thinking and close reading activities that teach students to look for details, synthesize information from different sources, apply prior knowledge about the world, and to recognize the logic of a claim and evaluate its validity.

A ready-to-use and informative PowerPoint presentation on Critical Thinking. This entirely editable tool comes in different color themes. Also, available for Apple Keynote and Google Slides.

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Use this rubric when teaching students how to think and speak critically and at the highest levels of Bloom's Analyze and Evaluate. This rubric is best taught through the practice of conversations.

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