Correlation between internet addiction and academic

This review 1 considers data from multiple domains, e. Alterations to the brain's motivational system are explored as a possible etiology underlying pornography-related sexual dysfunctions. Clinical reports suggest that terminating Internet pornography use is sometimes sufficient to reverse negative effects, underscoring the need for extensive investigation using methodologies that have subjects remove the variable of Internet pornography use.

Correlation between internet addiction and academic

This study provides an account of the phenomenon of internet addiction from the perspective of academic achievement. In other words, this study aimed to explore the relation between academic performance of Turkish high school students in such different subject as Maths, English, History, GPA and their use of internet.

Different school subjects were selected consciously as the predictor of success in different domains such as social sciences, language, mathematics and the mean of them GPA. In this respect, employing convenience sampling method, high school students males, females were included in the study.

For academic performance, the students were asked to write down the grade points for the specified three subjects and GPA as in their recent school reports. The results suggested no gender impact on internet addiction. In terms of the academic performance, statistically positive relation was found between EFL performance and internet use while GPA scores were found to be negatively correlated with it.

No correlation between performance in history or math and internet use was found. This new channel has been so excessively used all over world that it has started to invade not only Correlation between internet addiction and academic but also academic aspects of student lives.

In this respect, students, especially adolescents, are reported to spend a significant part of their days on the Internet for various purposes Ito, Horst, Bittanti, Boyd, Herr- Stephenson, Lange, et al.


Results of such use of the internet are generally two- folded. First of all, as introduced by Akhterthe research explored a number of benefits of the internet ranging from keeping in touch with friends, making vacation plans, managing finances to assisting with educational needs.

More specifically, it may academically help students improve their skills for effective communication and application of successful strategies Mishra, Draus, Goreva, Leone, Caputo, As a result, "for over a decade, problematic Internet use has attracted unparalleled attention and has been widely researched" Serin,p.

Correlation between internet addiction and academic

In spite of a wide range of research studies conducted on the relationship between problematic internet use and the academic achievement, most of those studies are driven by a general definition of addiction.

It is generally defined as "compulsive, uncontrollable dependence on a substance, habit, or practice to such a degree that cessation causes severe emotional, mental, or physiological reactions" Mosby,p. Despite the lack of a widely accepted definition of the term, the studies indicate similar results.

Excluding such adverse effects of the problematic use of the internet, this study, specifically, is conducted to explore the relationship between internet addiction among high school students and their academic performances.

The study also seeks to detail this relationship by attempting to enlighten the impact of internet addiction on different school subjects.

In addition, the impact of gender on the internet addiction is also questioned. In this respect, the researchers hypothesize that gender plays a significant impact on problematic internet usage. Supporting this, several studies have reported gender differences in internet usage Akhter, This hypothesis also relies on the fact that more males than females use the Internet across the world.

Moreover, it relies on a cultural point put forward by Tsai et al. This hypothesis stands for the significance of the study. As introduced by Esen and Siyaz most of the related literature is invaded by studies conducted with university students and the adults.

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Although these studies began to be carried out in only the last decade in the literature, the efforts in Turkey compared to the case around the world are not sufficient Serin, Different from the previous studies, it will broaden this perspective by searching the impact of internet addiction on both GPAs and some specific subject areas as to let the researchers deepen their analysis.

Design This quantitative research study was grounded in an explanatory correlational design to gain insights into the relationship between internet addiction and academic performance among high school students in Istanbul.

Creswell defines explanatory correlational research design as a design "in which the researcher is interested in the extent to which two variables or more co-vary, that is, where changes in one variable are reflected in changes in the other" p. Research Questions The aim of the present research to study the relationship between internet addiction and academic achievement among high school students is embodied in the following research questions: Do male and female high school students differ significantly in terms of internet addiction?

Is there a significant relationship between internet addiction and academic achievement among high school students? Participants Convenience sampling method was employed to draw the sample of the study. Creswell indicates that the researcher uses this type of sampling since "participants are willing and available to be studied at" p.

As introduced by Creswell, such a sampling "can provide useful information for answering questions and hypotheses" p. Moreover, due to such limitations as lack of time, fund and nature of the data collection instrument and study, the researchers employed this sampling and included high school students males, females in the study.

The mean age of the participants was 15,8. Instrument To attain the objective of the research study, it was a must to collect the data that indicates the level of internet addiction and academic achievement among high school students.

Originally, as a result of exploratory factor analyses computed by the developers of the scale, the scale was found to have three dimensions as addiction, ethic and convergence.Internet addiction disorder (IAD), also known as problematic Internet use or pathological Internet use, is excessive Internet use that interferes with daily life.

Correlation between internet addiction and academic

Addiction, defined by Webster Dictionary as a "compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal", was traditionally used to depict a person.

Abstract: Many recognize that several behaviors potentially affecting the reward circuitry in human brains lead to a loss of control and other symptoms of addiction in at least some individuals.

Regarding Internet addiction, neuroscientific research supports the assumption that underlying neural processes are similar to substance addiction.

Video Game Addiction Symptoms, Causes and Effects. Although it is not yet recognized by the American Medical Association as a diagnosable disorder, video game addiction . association between Internet addiction and loneliness. Conclusion: The was no significant relationship between loneliness and academic use of the Internet.

Fang () research showed that Table skybox2008.comtion of correlation between Internet addiction and loneliness First Variable Second Variable.

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"Internet Addiction" seems ubiquitous - easy to see everywhere, as a phenomenon, as simply an accepted part of every day life in the Digital Age. Relationship between Gaming and Internet Addiction in Adolescents with Academic Achievement games and addiction to the Internet and academic achievement were the mean and standard deviation of the Pearson correlation and regression analysis to test the level of analyzed.

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