Contoh research based paper

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Contoh research based paper

Chapter II Literature of Related Review In this chapter, the writer would like to discuss some theories related to the research. They are theoretical review, and hypothesis. In the theoretical review, the writer presents the definition, the elements, and the importance and the difficulties of pronunciation.

Again, pronunciation is the act or manner of pronouncing syllables, words and phrases with regard to the production of sound and the placing of stress and intonation.

According to Richardpronunciation is the way a certain sound is produced. Unlike articulation which refers to the actual production of speech sounds in the mouth, pronunciation stresses more on the way of sounds are produced by the hearer.

Thus, it includes one of the most important language skills. When people are just good in grammar and vocabulary, and then they are not pronouncing and stressing words correctly, the other people will not understand clearly what they are saying.

In spite of this, when their accent is pleasant, they will enjoy talking to each other. The first one is Segmental Features, which refer to sound units arranged in a sequential order.

This feature can be studied in isolation.

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It means that every utterance may be cut up or segmented or chopped up into isolated features. The other one is Supra-segmental Features, which refer to such features as stress, pitch length intonation, and other features that always accompany the production of segmental.

On the other hand, supra segmental, the other feature cannot be studied in isolation. It cannot describe the supra segmental features, unless it deals with segmental.

Furthermore, we have to differentiate whether the stress is on the first, second, or another syllable of the word.

Contoh research based paper

They are five features in supra segmental; they are stress, intonation, pitch, pause, and rhythm. Both segmental and supra segmental features, in fact are connected to each other. We cannot pronounce an utterance from just one side of them. Learning how to pronounce a foreign language like a native speaker is difficult but not impossible.

The better the pronunciation, the better people will understand. That is why pronunciation is always important, not only for beginning students, not only when it interests with intelligibility, but at all times.

It is very important that learners are hoped to begin and develop their pronunciation of English from the beginning levels correctly. Because when they have bad pronunciations habits, they will be hard to acquire a communication successfully.

Contoh research based paper

However, pronunciation is not always easy. Students often face difficulties in their pronunciation because of several factors. Ramelan stated some reasons about why students usually do not succeed in pronunciation the foreign sounds.

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The reasons are as follow: Another problem of pronunciation is that there are sounds which do not exist in Indonesian. Also, the movement of their speech organs have been set to produce the speech sounds of their own languages; it will be difficult for them to change the habit of moving their speech organs in such a way to produce the foreign sounds.

All in all, pronunciation is always an important part and very crucial, even though it is not always easy. However, the main point refers to someone does not need to have exact perfect native speaker pronunciation, but someone does need to speak clearly enough to be understood.

As a result, nowadays, we can see many World Class Schools in Indonesia. It showed that English is as an important role in education. Toward those purposes, of course they need development in English teaching, especially in pronunciation since it becomes one of the most important things in teaching English.

Gerald Kelly stated that there are some techniques and activities in teaching pronunciation. They can be divided into some kinds as follow: Drilling One of the main ways in which pronunciation is practiced in the classroom is through drilling.

The Drilling simply involves the teacher saying a word or structure, and getting the class or repeat it.This is the most important stage in writing a research paper.

Here you will analyze, synthesize, sort, and digest the information you have gathered and hopefully learn something about your topic which is the real purpose of doing a research paper in the first place.


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