Clay brick manufacturing business plan in india

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Clay brick manufacturing business plan in india

Pinterest Email Bricks are the building blocks of many historical and ancient structures that remain standing after thousands of years and that we continue to admire until now. Read more how you can participate in this timeless and lucrative business. Brick making is considered an ancient art.

Bricks stood the test of time and are still being used in modern construction. Ancient people used different kinds of bricks but the result is the same — amazing creations that some were even considered as the Wonders of the World. The pyramids of Egypt were built with from mud bricks while the Colosseum and other Roman structures were made with fired bricks.

They can be used practically in any type of structure so that makes a wide range of target market for you.

Defining the Business

There are also different types of materials that you can choose from to begin your brick business. Besides clay, brick manufacturers also use fly ash, slate, calcium silicate, shale and concrete.

Natural stones like sandstone, marble and granite can also be made into bricks. Brick manufacturers differ in materials they use, how they fire the brick and to what degree they are fired. You can use traditional kilns or modern ones to do the firing work.

You should learn how it is made so you can have an idea how you can set up your manufacturing business.

clay brick manufacturing business plan in india

The process starts with mixing sand, water and additives to clay and ground it well. Sand is important so that you can remove the brick from the mold. The mixture is pressed into moulds or you can shape it through a die and then cut up in sizes you desire.

Build it up, buttercup

The molded bricks are fired in a kiln or oven at high temperatures. Bricks are now refined by technology and machines are available to produce them in mass quantity in less time.

You can purchase Do-it-yourself DIY machines that can produce as much as 3, bricks a day. You must also learn how you will package and manage inventory of bricks that you will produce. Before you start becoming a brick manufacturer, it would be helpful if you can attend some business courses to teach you how to manage your finances, understand balance sheets, and sell and market your products.

It is also essential to come up with your comprehensive business plan to lay out your strategies in terms of production, operations, marketing, hiring staff and raising capital.

Your business plan will give you a clear picture of what you want to accomplish in your business. What are the common machines used for manufacturing bricks? Different machines used for producing bricks are brick clay mixing machine, brick moulding machine, soft mud molding machine etc.Updated world stock indexes.

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A brick maker's business plan also defines how and where he acquires clay and other raw materials, the quantities he needs and the facilities he needs to create bricks, and then how those bricks. Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects.

It is an alternative to "conventional" waste disposal that can save material and help lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling can prevent the waste of potentially useful materials and reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, thereby reducing: energy usage, air pollution (from incineration), and water. Fly ash bricks manufacturing has become a big money making business in India.

Now people of India have slowly adapting the green brick technology (Fly ash Bricks) which is going to be a savior of our mother nature for years to come.

Clay Brick Manufacturing Business Plan