Applied ethics abortion essay

May 1, One of the most hotly contested issues inside and outside of biomedical ethics today is abortion. Unfortunately, a heated discussion on abortion can easily and quickly turn into a battle of rhetoric rather than a dialectic of reason. But the guiding light in such a discussion must always be reason, not rhetoric or other fallacies, for only reason can solve this issue and judge which side is correct. In this brief essay, I shall attempt to clear away some of the confusion present in typical abortion debates by cooling the rhetoric with reason enlightened by scientific facts.

Applied ethics abortion essay

In recent months, Dr. Jack Kevorkian has assisted a number of persons in ending their lives. Does Judaism ever sanction suicide and may a physician or any other third party facilitate this process?

While we cannot personally condemn those who in the midst of unbearable pain and suffering take their own lives, we cannot encourage, condone, or participate in the commission of such an act. The Torah was given to man so "that he may live.

Because all human beings are formed in the image of the Divine, all life is regarded as being of infinite value regardless of its duration or quality.

As all mathematicians realize, infinity cannot be halved. If and when some human life is deemed to be less valuable than others, then life as a whole has gone from being infinite to being relative and the lives of us have become cheapened and debased.

Contemporary rhetoric, however, has taken a decidedly different turn. This article will explore the halachic parameters of this issue.

Before proceeding to the sources, however, one preliminary observation may be in order. The watchword of the "death with dignity" movement is autonomy or self-determination. All well and good. What proponents of autonomy fail to realize, however, or more ominously, what they realize and fail to express is that as formerly-unspeakable options become widely available, there is a tremendous societal pressure to have them exercised.

If and when assisted suicides become legalized and socially-acceptable, one could easily visualize scenarios where persons who truly would want to live given the chance and the encouragement will instead opt for death, viewing their lives as worthless, nonproductive, and a drain on their families.

Subtly or explicitly, societal consensus will push people into directions which on their own would have remained off-limits. Judaism, which values and cherishes all life, inescapably proceeds from the opposite premise as the following halachic sources indicate.

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In practice, we generally assume that most suicides are the result of unbearable stress, pain, or depression and do not fall within the category of a premeditated, volitional act that is subject to these sanctions.

Nevertheless, the sympathetic recognition of a category akin to "temporary insanity" in no way lends normative sanction to the commission of the act. Life is regarded as a sacred trust given to us by G-d and only G-d can take it away.

They are a bailment.

Applied ethics abortion essay

As a repository for the soul, the body must be cherished and protected. Activities involving reckless endangerment e.

J. L. Mackie - Ethics~ Inventing Right and Wrong (, ) - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Applied ethics, unlike the other two branches, deals with questions that started this article – for example, under what conditions is an abortion morally permissible? And, what obligations, if any, do we have toward the world’s global poor? Notice the specificity compared to the other two branches. Abortion is the unnatural termination of a pregnancy by killing (at least) one human fetus. This definition is not contested, and I think it seems clear that it is correct.

It is forbidden to engage in self-mutilation. Granted that there may be occasions when aggressive, life-prolonging treatment need not be administered or may even be discontinued, the allowing of the natural process of death to occur by withdrawal of treatment is a far cry from actively terminating life.


Killing oneself is not regarded as being within the legitimate scope of personal autonomy. The foregoing does not necessarily commit Judaism to a "life at all costs" position. There are a number of situations where, in the face of grave suffering, steps may be taken that would or could hasten death.

First, pain-relief medication such as morphine may be administered in spite of the risk that it may induce cardiac arrest, provided that the dose is not definitely lethal and is not administered for the purpose of life termination.The Ethics Of Abortion Philosophy Essay.

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Egoism and Divine Command Ethics. I will discuss how egoism is all about one’s own self. Applied Ethics Moral Reasoning Philosophy Essay. 1. Moral reasoning: Our basic concern in Applied Ethics is to come to grips with some moral issues.

We may reject abortion as murder, or support abortion as nothing wrong.

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In dealing with moral problems or defending (or rejecting) moral points of . Applied ethics, unlike the other two branches, deals with questions that started this article – for example, under what conditions is an abortion morally permissible?

And, what obligations, if any, do we have toward the world’s global poor? Notice the specificity compared to the other two branches. Abortion: Ethical Issues Ashley Marsh October 11, GE Ethics ITT Technical Institute Abortion: Ethical Issues Abortion is a very intense, ethical, and controversial topic.

I would say that it comes down to a person's different morals and beliefs as to what they decide, prolife or prochoice. Jun 26,  · Introduction In this assignment I am going to compare some areas of molecular revolution with genomics revolution.

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