Among the hidden essay questions

Gold Mining as a Means to Disappearing Section 1: There are many bad reasons to want to. There are many good ways to disappear from society and there are many bad ways to disappear.

Among the hidden essay questions

The following diverse quotes were extracted from reviews of a book by Father Donald Cozzenstitled "The Changing Face of the Priesthood: Whatever it said about such a sensitive and complex issue is open to misunderstanding and seeming insensitivity.

Some will deny the reality that many observers see as changing the face of the priesthood that the percentage of homosexual priests and seminarians is significantly higher than society at large.

Others will see any attention given to the phenomenon as a symptom of the homophobia that is characteristic of individuals with less than open minds.


Still others will wonder what difference sexual orientation makes in the celibate lives of priests. The longer the delay, the greater the harm to the priesthood and to the Church.

A Vatican document of bars persons with homosexual orientation from ordination and religious vows. However, this document appears to have been almost completely ignored, at least in North America. It is important to keep in mind that the vast majority of priests, with a heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual orientation, do not molest or sexually abuse young people.

In fact, the percentage of pedophiles -- adults who molest young children -- among the Catholic priesthood appears to be lower than the average for all males. The percentage of abusive hebephile priests -- those who have a sexual preference for pubescent youths -- and ephebophil e - those who have a sexual preference for older adolescents is much higher.

We will most frequently use the rather awkward term "person with a homosexual orientation," in this essay to avoid confusion. Terms like "Gay" and "homosexual," are ambiguous. To many conservative Christians, homosexuality is interpreted in terms of behavior. A homosexual is any person who engages in same-sex behavior.

To most others, including religious liberals, gays, lesbians, human sexuality researchers, and mental health therapists, homosexuality is interpreted in terms of sexual orientation.

Among the hidden essay questions

The term refers to a person who is attracted to persons of the same gender. A homosexual may choose to be celibate, or may be sexually active. We will use the second definition in this essay and throughout the rest of this website. What percentage of priests have a homosexual orientation?

Nobody knows, with any degree of accuracy. Any discussion of the role of homosexual orientation in the priesthood -- in fact any discussion of clergy abuse itself -- is hampered by a lack of hard, reliable data. Some estimates of the percentage of current priests with a homosexual orientation: Analysis of the estimates of others:Homosexual orientation among Roman Catholic clergy.

Richard Sipe, a psychotherapist and former priest, has studied celibacy, chastity, and sexuality in the priesthood for four decades. return to updates THE HIDDEN KING(S) Camelot ruled from the cave of Merlin by Miles Mathis I almost seem To hear the birds speaking to me.

Among the hidden essay questions

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