A responsible gun ownership

Young, MD In the wake of the Parkland shooting we've seen a push to find solutions that would keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people who might commit atrocities. The majority of the mass killers in recent times appear to have been mentally ill or deeply disturbed. Because mental illnesses are so varied, the mere presence of one does not indicate any risk of violence. As part of a constellation of indicators, the presence of a major mental illness like major depression, delusions, or psychosis can contribute to risk, along with even more the presence of active substance or alcohol abuse, along with threats made to targets or to acquaintances and a prior history of abusive or violent behavior.

A responsible gun ownership

I own a gun shop and I have sold more than 15, guns. I'm also a member of the NRA. The NRA won because people like me, people who really know what guns can do when they are irresponsibly used, didn't have a way to make their voices heard.

City of Chicago :: Mayor Daley Outlines Details Of City's New Gun Ordinance

I own a gun shop and I have sold more than 15, guns, including at least 1, assault rifles. I'm not afraid to call what it is -- an assault rifle.

I watched the Senate vote on Manchin-Toomey. A bunch of senators showed that backbones are in short supply. I was in my shop on December The news from Sandy Hook made me sick. But what as soon as the requisite "silence" ended, the children buried and everyone voiced their concern, as a gun guy I had no one with whom I could share my shame, no one who was willing to stand with me and say 'enough is enough.

Why didn't a bunch of gun owners chip in and send a plane up to Connecticut to bring those shattered parents down to DC? I'll tell you why we didn't. Because after the massacre Wayne LaPierre and all the pro-gun organizations rallied around the flag saying the problem wasn't guns.

The problem was lack of school security, or lack of mental health facilities. It wasn't "us," it was "them. But let's be honest. The truth is that what murdered those kids and their teachers was an emotionally-disturbed young man whose mother should never have given him access to her guns.

There are lots of gun guys and gals out there who feel as embarrassed and ashamed as I do because one of our own, a gun gal who broke no laws, behaved so badly with her guns.

A responsible gun ownership

But we remain silent, we never put these thoughts into words. We let the NRA and other pro-gun groups speak for us even when they say things that simply aren't true. Gun violence isn't going to end because everyone walks around carrying a gun. It's going to end when gun owners show some leadership first by speaking the truth about guns.

From the beginning they were designed to kill living things. So the real responsibility of guns owners is to make sure that everyone understands that gun violence is always a possibility, and when it occurs, to condemn it in the strongest possible terms.

SAF Teams with Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership—You can too! By Dave Dolbee published on June 14, in News Veterans seem to have been the most vocal about spreading the alarm regarding doctors collecting information about the patient’s gun ownership, or at least that was the first connection I noticed when it came to doctors and. Sep 12,  · Ep 27 Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership Posted on September 12, by [email protected] Dr. John Edeen MD joins us to talk . Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership on Extreme Risk Protection Orders. By Dan Zimmerman. March 13th, (Original material from Arthur Z Przebinda, MD and Robert B. Young, MD). In the wake of the Parkland shooting we've seen a push to find solutions that would keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people who might commit atrocities.

Gun owners should marginalize the members of our shooting fraternity who don't know how to behave, don't lock up their guns, don't exercise diligence in selling or giving a gun to someone else.

I don't care what anyone says, there are effective laws that can protect our gun rights while, at the same time, penalize gun owners who commit irresponsible acts.

The History of Public Health Gun Control – Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership

By self-regulating their own behavior, gun owners can also take the lead going after bad guys who use guns. We do need strong laws and good policing to catch and punish everyone who uses a gun to commit a crime, as well as those who supply the guns.

I want gun owners to lead that effort too, and I want to lead it by reaching out to everyone, not just to people who own guns.Feb 08,  · Surely, responsible gun owners like myself can see that a gun in every car, guns in every bar, guns in every business parking lot, guns in every church, guns at little league ball games, and guns at political rallies create a dangerous and unstable situation.

After founding Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership 23 years ago and acting as its director, Timothy W. Wheeler, MD is retiring at the end of this year. Read More >>> Snopes Labels Mauser and. Wheeler is director of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, a project of the Second Amendment Foundation skybox2008.com Most Popular.

Video. Voters give both parties low marks for handling. Yesterday the medical quacks who run a website called Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO) decided to demonize physicians who regard gun ownership as a health risk by descending to the lowest, possible level of pandering to the lowest, intellectual denominator – a style promoted successfully by our soon-to-be President which now serves as the.

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A recent article by the New Haven Advocate poses this skybox2008.com is a dilemma for both ends of the gun control spectrum.

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Largest Responsible gun ownership Meetups Despite the evidenceliberals love to portray law-abiding American citizens as too ignorant and too irresponsible to be trusted with the protections of the Second Amendment. The researchers spent two years examining the complexities of handgun ownership in the U.
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Firearm advocates will be the first to tell you that the vast majority of gun crimes are committed by persons that are not legal owners; usually drug dealers, gang members, and various other repeat offenders.

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